ipcViable home automation solutions can be used to reduce energy costs, enhance comfort and provide peace of mind.

IpControl's Australian Smart Home Solutions provide the convenience of monitoring, controlling and managing designated apparatus such as lighting, power outlets, heating, cooling, spa's, and home security from a 5.7” color touch panel conveniently located within the home or remotely by an iPhone or iPad.

Designed to provide a practical and affordable automation solution and energy management tool, the IpControl Smart Home system interfaces to standard electrical switchgear from a master control electrical enclosure that is suited to wall mounting in locations such as a garage etc. Our home automation packages offer a range of optional inclusions and custom system solutions to suit both the general and luxury builder. Each system is delivered ready for the electrical contractor to integrate to the specified devices or circuits.

IpControl Smart Home Solutions have been developed using a Mitsubishi Electric automation platform which provides you with the highest levels of reliability, easy access to support and excellent flexibility for future expansion of equipment and technology.

IpControl is fast being recognised by builders as a leading solution for viable cost and unprecedented reliability of home and commercial property automation.

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